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Finding our new house was easy.

Michael and Ben helped my husband and I by guiding us through the whole process. They made sure we understood everything on the documents and any questions we had they answered. They really put us as their first priority. Not something I can say about our last realtor. I'm really glad that we found them to represent us and I'm looking forward to using their services in the future!

Jessica M.

The rent to own program is a wonderful program.

My wife and I are happy to have done it. Before finding out about this, we couldn't qualify anywhere and now we found our new home in Murrieta, thanks to Ben. I highly recommend working with him and to ask him about this program!

Jeremy G.

I found my new home in Moreno Valley thanks to Ben and Mike.

I had a hard time getting a mortgage and my credit score needed a lot of work. Ben recommended I look into the rent to own program. I'm glad he told me because now I have time to fix my credit while living in a very nice home. If you are looking for experts to help you, call them. Thank you guys!

Jose A.

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